About Us

Daniel and Frank Glaser were dissatisfied with the typical short-term home rental experience. They valued consistent, high-quality rentals which allowed them to feel connected to the local community and which offered ample space to come together as a group. However, they had a hard time finding travel accommodations that fit their needs.

They decided the only way to guarantee this level of guest satisfaction was to manage and design each home in their own vision. Each space is designed for the memories. Traveling is one of the great joys of life, and these experiences can be made even more meaningful in a beautiful space. Thus, Heirloom was born. They focused their efforts on hiring local support teams, ensuring they had the most genuine recommendations for travelers in each city. In addition, they personally filled their first designed rental homes in Boston and New Orleans with heirlooms from their grandmother — which ultimately led them to the brand name.

Now operating with over 100 properties in New Orleans, Boston, New York City, Savannah, and more, Heirloom specializes in providing guests with a travel experience that cannot be replicated by the anonymous hotel industry.

Stay in style. Stay for the stories. Stay Heirloom.